The difference between McDonald’s in HK and JP (EN/JP)

I eat breakfast at McDonald’s almost every day since I had come to Hong Kong.
The taste of McDonald’s is the same as in Japan.
I am missing the familiar atmosphere so I have had a breakfast in McDonald’s often in Hong Kong.

McDonald’s in Hong Kong has a monitor for ordering and you can pay by credit card or Octopus card (Prepaid card) at the monitor.
A cash payee can also go to a cash register with a receipt after ordering. The monitor has the language selection menu between Cantonese and English, making it easier to order. As a corporate strategy, I thought that McDonald’s is using digital devices more than manpower.

In some new McDonald’s shops in Japan, there is a panel to check the number of your order, but I think that there is no such flow that you can order from the monitor. As a result, people working in the counter are fewer than in Japanese ones. It could be said that Hong Kong’s McDonald’s doing well at the point of reducing personnel costs.

However, the number of cleaning staff is larger than the Japanese one.

Because Hong Kong people leave the tray on the desk after eating, then the cleaning staff will clean up. I think that there was no staff who is responsible for just dispatching Japanese and American one.

What I enjoyed was that there was a bit of difference in the orange juice. The taste is similar, but because of the idea of Chinese medicine “too cold drinks are not good for the body”, they do not put ice cubes in the cold Orange juice. Even if there is a temperature difference inside and outside of the cup, they seem to be using a material that can avoid drops of water.

Perhaps it was not intentionally designed, but it was a wonderful experience when I drank a cold Orange juice which is no dropping water from the cups.

McDonald’s always indebted to me in Japan. Just going to McDonald’s in Hong Kong to compare not only the taste and menu, I think it is interesting to focus on functional aspects such as how to order, clean up, and work for shop clerks and containers. Please try it!








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