香港でスタートアップを目指すメリットについて/ The merit to start up business in Hong Kong




> シンガポールに比べ中国本土にアクセスしやすく、市場そのものや生産拠点、関連企業などとの連携が効率的。これは香港から立ち上げる場合だけでなく、他市場で既に成功しているビジネスを中国に展開する場合にも当てはまる。
経済の自由度は香港がトップ(2015 Index of Economic Freedom,Heritage Foundation)


こうした中で、香港政庁も急速に支援を加速しています。具体的には「Science Park」や「CyberPort」等のイノベーション活性化施設や「Start Me UP HONGKONG」といった巨大イベントの開催。投資家とのマッチングなどの動きです。世界屈指のテックカンファレンスであるRISEへの香港スタートアップ企業の参加も第1回の2015年に比べて、飛躍的に増加しています。香港でスタートアップを始める魅力は十二分と言ってよさそうです。




タイムマシン経営*孫 正義 (ソフトバンクグループの創業者) が命名した言葉。すでにシリコンバレーなど他のマーケットで成功したアプリやサービスで、まだ自国にないものをローカライゼーションして輸入する方法。

*English translation after photos.

The Startup companies are gradually increasing in Hong Kong. According to InvestHK, there were 1,558 companies in 2015 in Hong Kong, but then it has reached to 1,926 companies last year which is 24% more startup companies from 2015. Also, the employment gained 40% more in 2016 in comparison to 2015.

In this time, we would like to find out what is the merits to set up the startup company in Hong Kong.


== The Merit ==
>Hong Kong is located in very convenient point to go to China and easy to access manufacturing factories, relevant companies, and the Chinese market itself. After all, this locational benefit is very important to people who are targeting the Chinese market.


>It is also easy to access to Western countries and Eastern countries. (Beneficial to companies who aim global expansion)
>Hong Kong offers the simple and low tax (16.5%)regime.
>It is easy to set up a company in Hong Kong. ( Owner does not need to be living in Hong Kong, the minimum capital is only $2, and so on.)
>Hong Kong is ranked as the world’s freest economy by 2015 Index of Economic Freedom, Heritage Foundation.
As a hub of the international city and free trade, global talents are abundant in Hong Kong at all levels, including multinational companies, small and medium enterprises, and it is ideal from the aspect of securing human resources.
>There are plenty of rooms for infrastructural improvement, so there is a high possibility to be able to apply new services as a business.
> It is an ideal place to do test marketing.
Many angel investors tend to invest in startups based on Hong Kong version of the services that already succeeded with Silicon Valley are relatively easy to receive investment.
>There is no internet restrictions or limitations like the mainland China.
>Easy to secure excellent human resources (mainly engineers) in English / Chinese bilingual.


Under such circumstances, the Hong Kong Government has also been accelerating its support rapidly. Specifically, it holds huge events such as” Science Park “, ” CyberPort “and” Start Me UP HONGKONG “. Also, matching service with investors.


This year, at RISE conference, one of the world’s leading Tech conferences, participants of Hong Kong startup companies have increased dramatically in comparison with the first conference in 2015. The appeal of setting up the startup company in Hong Kong seems more than enough.


62% of the startups that increased in fiscal 2016 are local, but 20% are from the United States. Unfortunately, it was only 2.2% from Japan.









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