Introducing New Member: Stephanie!

What did you study? 你喺大學修讀咩科目?

我係香港大學新聞及傳媒研究中心既學生,主修新聞及傳媒同韓國研究。大學第三年果陣我分別去左紐西蘭既奧克蘭大學同位於珀斯既西澳大學,修讀有關設計、音樂、電影同傳媒及傳理既科目。參與過澳洲同世界各地既唔同體驗同活動,我學到好既設計需要將用戶既感受罷喺整個體驗既中心。我亦慢慢發現自己對於令設計更感同身受有一種熱誠同堅持,並因而加入TYA成為CX/UX Designer。


I studied at the University of Hong Kong with a double major in Journalism and Korean Studies.

During my third year, I studied abroad at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and the University of Western Australia, where I took courses in design, music, film, and media and communication. Through learning about the importance of empathy in user experiences and good design whilst participating in programs and events in Australia and abroad,  I hope I can make designs more intuitive and empathetic for users, which led me to working at TYA as a CX/UX Designer (Customer Experience and User Experience Designer).


Do you like nature? 你鍾意大自然嘛?

同時我好鍾意大自然同動物,尤其係天空同海洋:) 我嚮往步行喺空曠沙灘同山上既寧靜感覺。天氣好既時候,我鍾意喺香港大學附近同離島日落。有時去機場既路程都會見到好清好既藍天同太陽落山既場景。


Yes, I love nature, especially the sky and sea:) I enjoy the tranquillity walking on the open beach and hills. On a sunny day, I enjoy watching the sunset near the University of Hong Kong and on small islands around. Sometimes on my way to the airport the sky and sunset are very clear and breathtaking too.


So far how do you feel about working at TYA? 到目前為止你喺TYA工作感覺如何?






Working at TYA is sometimes stressful and fun at the same time. It’s nice that everyone is in a close-knit team and I am grateful that my colleagues are helpful and friendly.

What do you want to do in TYA in the near future? 你喺TYA有冇咩未來既夢想之類?

我希望未來我可以繼續參與唔同既設計或創意工作, 無論係初創、企業或者政府部門既project。如果TYA日後有醫療科技、航空、旅遊或者太空科技行業同初創既project,我會好興奮!


今後もスタートアップ、各種企業や政府の各部門など、様々な種類のプロジェクトに参加できたら幸せだなと思っています。 TYAがメディテックや航空、旅行、宇宙産業などのスタートアップの企画に参加するのも面白そうですね。

I hope I can continue working on different kinds of projects in the future, be it for startups, corporations, or government departments. Would be cool to see TYA take on projects for Medtech, aviation, travel, and space industry startups!

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