Marketing _ Globally, the lower levels of trust in society, business and media.

According to the survey of The Edelman Trust Barometer 2017, the lower level of state of trust was founded in society, business and media globally. Most of the developed countries have the lower trust in their society, business and media.

On the other hand, the people who are living in very controlled societies are optimistically trusting their society more.

The people who are in lower trust countries use more search engines to make sure the given information or evaluation is right. Whereas the people who trust their society seem to believe official or traditional information more than people in lower trust countries.

Looking at social peer to peer dynamics in Hong Kong, even though they are in the middle rank in the league, they care mouth-to-mouth review.

To sums up, regardless of the trust levels, it must be the core for business to take care the reviews and evaluation online, especially at non-official platform or SNS that people freely comment on.


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