POCARI SWEAT Running Event – Go Run Go Fun


POCARI SWEAT Running Event – Go Run Go Fun

開拓新領域和採取行動是寶礦力水特和TYA的精神。 在此品牌的首場大型跑步活動中,能夠參與logo設計、現場宣傳板的平面設計製作,及社交平台的實時內容發佈是一次美妙的體驗。


POCARI SWEAT RUN CARNIVAL 2017, The Sports Challenge Report!  (19 11 2017)

ご存知の方も多いかと思いますが、TYAもソーシャルメディア、リアルタイムアップロードを担当として参加させて頂いた「Pocari Sweat Run Carnival 2017! @Sience Park」。
(クレメンタイン)がそのイベントで体験することのできた スポーツチャレンジ」のレポートをしたいと思います!(悪天候のため髪の毛も荒れ気味)
I am going to report the “Sports Challenge” in the fun event 「Pocari Sweat Run Carnival 2017! @Sience Park」that TYA also worked with as a social media team.


Mini Basketball( Co-Work Challenge): One person will hold the shooter’s hand and the shooter tries to score a shot with one hand.

Even though I haven’t seen this kind of basketball hoop since elementary,  this was no problem at all for an adult like me!


Mini Rock Climbing: It looked no hassle to me so I had “smug face” already before I have started. XD

As I thought…. It was pretty easy for me after all! This could be much more suit for teens.

Buttle Rope: Buttle by waving the rope higher and longer! I was thinking since other two were really easy, this shouldn’t be too hard for me either so again I was making the 
smug face.


However…., this was actually VERY tough for me who has been living the sedentary style of life for long years. I had the duel with colleague Jerry but it was completely clumsy as you can see in the photo. …

I wonder how come the young people can wave this heavy rope up and down so fast…
Perhaps it is the sign when I seriously need more exercise.

一部ですがスポーツチャレンジ のご紹介でした!
My favourite gift was the wristband! It gave me a motivation for my further sports challenge by myself. This is just a part of the fun event “POCARI SWEAT RUN CARNIVAL 2017”!




ポカリスエットランニングイベント – Go Run GO Fun 支援

TYA は香港にて1998年に創立。数々のブランドの問題解決をお手伝いしてきたクリエイティブ・エージェンシーです。

ポカリスエットランニングイベント – Go Run GO Fun 支援